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It continues the feature as a default, Microsoft’s Windows Stores users files and folders where built-in C: Drive. Through on this, you can search desktop, downloads, documents, and more. These all get a basic level of setup in every Windows and nearly the option created for the user account.

It’s not a new for Windows user, the setup has been leading for a long time. But at the same time when it comes to Windows 10 where you need to change some movement to fix that issuance. Right now these function has been approved the user to move the default folders to any third drive and from doing this you can save the current drive space.

This one helps you who need to save a lot of space when you aren’t interested to copy that folder into the new drive. If the user has been installed a permanent SD card also comes more benefit for this feature, as anyone who preferred to move their data to another drive and get more enhancement for their system device.

Note: Before you do this functionality, you need to take a backup otherwise you lose your whole date bundle. These are things it may happen sometime on your Windows computer.

Keep in mind that you don’t try to move the Whole folders:

* Load File Explorer and choose Quick Access

* Double-click on username folder to load and choose subfolder that you need to move

* Right-click and choose the folder it comes like picture, document etc. and Click Properties from the context menu

* Location tab–> Move the target location

* If you want to do like this, then you can click Find Target and your Windows display you a list of the available disk from their you can replace the default data folder.

* Once you select the location–> Click Apply

* You will get a confirmation message to take legal action against to move the data folder

* Make confirm again your details and Click Yes

* Now, you can see the folder will move to the new location. This will take the time it’s all about your data capacity.

* Once the function complete you can make exit from File Explorer.

* Now, you can make sure the new folder listed on the new drive.

While doing this way,  it will save your drive space and you can easier to move your data.

That’s it.

Via: Systweak

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