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Malware, it’s kind of software that is harmful to a PC user. These type of malware doesn’t come to a proper channel, it’s like unwanted applications, which comes mostly a third-party tool that imposes during any file that you download.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t taking safe place, this may end up your downloading which may intrude junk program while you installing on your PC. For this, Windows Defender is a exact program that is available on your computer as default. If you want to block those junk files, this Windows defender has a hidden function that you can bring out to run for this junkies. The site MakeUseOf writer Ben Stegner find out that you can follow by continuing.

Block Third-party Junk Files:

* First, load PowerShell window, typing PowerShell through Start Menu. Right-Click–>Run as administrator and give prompt.

* Follow below command

Set-MpPreference -PUAProtection 1

After you settled down, you need to enable automatic junk protection through Windows Defender. To run the command replacing 0 with 1 to make the turn-off. Windows Defender will sort out that unwanted software. If you want to find out those blocked, then you need to visit Windows Defender through Settings–>Update & Security–>Windows Security–>Virus &threat protection–>Threat history–> under Quarantined threats. And also you can check under threats See full history link if any additional list is available.

Doing this way, you won’t get a complete result, so you need more hard work to escape from undoubted theories.

That’s it.

Via: MakeUseOf

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