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Windows 10 will authorize to work with apps, because you will get some important updates which are more important for you. Adding any application on to Windows that can send any useful thing. Whether you don’t like non-stop notifications from your computer, then you can do a quite the program through disconnect them. In this article you can get the point that you can cut the notifications on your PC.

If you like to completely disable the notifications, then you can move into Focus Assist. This feature recently added into Windows and this controls a maximum notifications that you deserve. From this you can disconnect all notification except priority applications.You have an option to set the priority apps or choose to disable all supportive apps notifications except that you use most time. .

Any app that you installed gets you a spam notifications? then you can easily bring to disconnect notifications on the particular application. Using Windows 10 finds a smooth way what kind of app that want to send you. How to disable notification for this you need to move into Settings –> System–>Notifications and actions and make scroll down to find Get notifications from these senders.

Finally, you can able to search to disable notifications with clicking of toggle to make disconnect the notification on particular application. Otherwise, you can go through more settings for individual apps.

Apart from these, you can manage the notification sound and this one run on your lock screen. Even, you can control any notificatiosn through Action Centre or set the priority with selected one.

Through on this, you can learn some nice function which control over all notification that you installed the apps on your computer. That’s it.


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