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Google Assistant now control your Roku device and save you more time without using remote control. This feature which is connect using TV or player with a support Roku 8.1 with a link of Google Home to Roku account and this form to run through voice. From this connection you can easily open channels, search made easy and control the devices and more option that you can find when you support Google Assistant. Roku blog

Image Credit: Roku

IBM wants to change the open source cloud platform that’s why it buys Red Hat the very popular to build open source software for the community lovers. And IBM wants to be a world leading company in the cloud platform. Let’s we wait an see what will goes on the upcoming days. IBM newsroom.

Microsoft completes his acquisition of GitHub with a value of 7.5 billion dollars. After completes the program GitHub start with advance feature like searching, notifications, new projects, get more mobile experience, and that could come into the GitHub the message was leaked by CEO.

OnePlus 6T going to be launch with a lot of expectation through Live Stream. The Chinese brand OnePlus brings his price amount approximately Rs 37,000 that was scheduled. And this one going to be launch first in UAE. Let’s start some useful tips from OnePlus 6T having Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, and 8GB capacity of RAM, and the storage that was built with 256GB, and also a dual camera with an advanced setup. To know more visit their official site.

Google will help you to delete your search history so easily, In the previous service, you need to go through Google account to delete the search history. And now all puts the end with a new ideology. Now, you can delete the history through Google homepage.

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