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Google never missed out Material design and it keeps running some of his application Files Go. Right now the app something new look compared to the past design. The app still a beta version and it looks white background, and it goes through name with ”Files.” Via: Android Police

Android Police

Microsoft’s announced Mixer Season 2 is a live stream game platform. This improves new functions to support fans to connect into the live streamers to gain more money. First, Mixer edition brings animation stickers, GIF and few more. Source: Xbox News, Engadget


We all hear about the foldable phone, and now you can see and expect a rollable OLED TV that will be a showcase in 2019. This thrilling product will be display by LG. And you can expect more from this. Via: Engadget

Yes! you need to take a action those who use Flickr and update tons of photos and videos. You need to plug into backup all of your data because the Flickr restrict the limit free storage. This new update coming up next 2019. Source:blog.flickr

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