Flappy Bird’s Ninja Spinki Challenges!! Is a New Game App for Android and iOS Devices

Flappy Bird was developed by Dong Nguyen, and the game new Ninja Spinki Challenges!! comes under on his banner. You can find the game app on both App store and Google play store. The app has a six type of mini-game to complete those tasks all it comes with trial based when you put the end mark you will be a Ninja star.

Through on this game, it keeps avoiding those bouncing cats and cannon fire to the target with a Shuriken. The app challenges of the time-based with clear way and how it will manage those risking movements. Once you have succeeded from the basic, the app helps you unlock the upcoming five versions that may challenge you. You can also make unlock those six versions without any limitation on to the games, so you can do non-stop to reach your top scores.

This new Ninja Spinki Challenges!! was departed from Nguyen, who was already famous for Flappy Bird, that went viral on the previous day. In that way, this new game arrived to challenge to every mobile gamer. If you are more interested then you go with App store or Play store.

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Source: Ninja Spinki Challenges!! for Android, App Store

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Steam Games Is Now Set to Move a New Installation Folders

Steam Games Is Now Set to Move a New Installation Folders

You can do manually to move the installation folder for Steam any moment, when you move the game folder it gets you a real affliction. A video game industry and digital distribution Valve ready to sort out those game folders with few clicks.

The game folders can be saved from the download around the part. If you have installed a new local drive and you want to move a new game folder. The feature, it takes totally different to move game folders from Stream, which brings you to move every single folder, but the following process takes only few of game data not a entire game storage.

To create a new Steam Folder:

* Click Steam

* Settings

* Downloads

* Steam Library Folders

* Add Library Folder

* Click New Folder

* Set the new name and Click OK and Select to folder option that you have done.

To change the Steam game folders to another place, here is the simple process:

* Find a newly created folder and make right-click on them

* Properties

* Local Files tab

* Move Install Folder

* Move Folder button.

That’s all.

Via: Artem Russakovskii / Google+, How-To Geek

Drop Flip is a Free iOS Game for iPhone & iPad

In general, the Drop Flip is a free iOS app of the week. It is a puzzle game app allows you to drag the ball and overturn obstacles that avoid you from touch down a ball into the bucket. It has more than 100 levels which makes you much easier and nothing is impossible. Whether you want to finish those fun tasks, you can hear a melody the sounds when you play the game on your device. It’s a catchy music track that you can increase the level through successful game.

Drop Flip app not only a weekly offer from iOS, even, if you have Android mobile then you can download the app free from the play store. If you compare both operating systems iOS does meet you a free for a week over the offer, but Android makes you a free download and install, but the app asks you to make in-app purchase to get more options. It can sync your task across device using iCloud storage. This game app makes everyone more interesting when you open smartphone.

That’s it.

Source: Drop Flip for iOS, Android

Try Pong Game Into MacBook Pro With this TouchBarPong App

Image Credit: GitHub

A new MacBook Pro added to Touch Bar, and also you can get a new experience of game play. Pong game is an Atari video game platform was initially released on 1972s.

But you want to play this arcade game instead of to control the paddle with joystick, keyboard, this Pong game works with TouchBarPong – All you have to do use your finger on to Touch Bar, the landscape paddle stands above the computer keyboard  laptop.

When you start the game, this feature will work on full screen mode, and you can find the paddle that moves on to left and right on the laptop screen, when you use a finger to touch on the Touch Bar. It will not come much easier because the ball moves very fast from the left and right on your computer and it moves the paddle you will gear the sound to reach the score. This feature works for to move the paddle and the rest will not undecidable.

TouchBarPong app arrived on GitHub, not on the Mac App Store, and other side you can find some other Touch Bar apps which was integrated on the Pac Man. That’s it.

Source: TouchBarPong   Via: Venturebeat

This Unofficial Game App for Android – Super Plumber Run

A few days ago, I have reviewed Super Mario Run app, It was released on the App Store. Right at the moment, you can only find on iOS, whether you are working deeply on Android, then I can say the doesn’t exist. Anyway, if you are a fan of Super Mario Run, there was a new game app released in the play store, you have an experience through download on your device.

The unofficial game Super Plumber Run is now available on the play store. Lets see how big the differences in between two games apps. This alternative Android app grants the same feature which brings to control the app from playing. The app Super Plumber Run automatically changes the track which you have found on your Super Mario Run on iOS device. When you start playing the game to jump the character give them tap on the screen and escape from deadlock. And also you jump carefully to kill the enemies and do earn more coins, mushrooms, and enhance. To play this Super Plumber Run app on your Android, the app doesn’t ask you internet connection and also it gives to you a free edition.

Source: Super Plumber Run for Android  Via: Wccftech