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Unclouded App Rejuvenated With Material Design, Two More New Cloud Storage Support and   Premium Features
Actually, the cloud storage are individual account holders that you need to sign in each and every time on their respective sites. But here the Unclouded app for Android settle down the thing that you have been doing regularly onward. The most important features in this app that you can delete copied files, and manage some top cloud storage services. Recently the app behaves itself with new update facilities that enter into Google Play Store with useful features and enhancement on this app.

Unclouded v 2.0 change logs:

Material Design
Support for BOX
Support for OneDrive
Dark theme (Premium)
Security with PIN, Password or Pattern (Premium)
All previous premium features are now free
Animated GIF image support
Send files to Unclouded from other apps
Download files to folder on device
Memory management
Image loading performance
Easier to use duplicates screen

In the previous version the app includes some premium features, and now that it comes free to everyone at the moment. Along with this, the new update brings some new feature for a premium section dark theme with security settings. Through this update you can buy this option and some others.

Source: Unclouded for Android 

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