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Nowadays many of us using a mobile phone, and their data plan is unlimited. It’s not a matter against of data package, that how much amount of data that your app using through from your smartphone. If you find out that kind of app using more data you can put the limit or end up. If you are using such a like a Facebook or Twitter then you have to consider about those apps.


Anyway, if you are traveling abroad and their data plan is pricey or you applied with the limited data package, then you are using constantly that make you invest more money for these. Recently, Twitter has updated such a feature that comes really matter to control the data and save more.

If you want to take more place then you need to go Settings on the app and make a turn on. All you have to do tap on the left three lines –> Settings and privacy to enter next level. And select the ”Data Usage” and Check right mark next ”Data Saver” and that’s it.

After doing this you can see that Video, Images, and Data Sync all turned off. That’s a solid work from the Twitter.

Source: Twitter

Via: Lifehacker

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