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Spaces Extension Is a Simple Tab Management for Chrome Browser
Apparently, Chrome makes an offer tab management options, it can create own tabs and Windows that open in the Chrome browser. Somewhat feature that comes easy to create tabs and Windows, Spaces is a Chrome Extension that can build tab and window management accessibility to the internet browser.

With this extension, the main features works automatically approve to open all tabs and windows, saving, closing and restoration of tab windows, and it can present each chrome window that switches on a different workspace. Once you download the extension of the icon will be available on the URL toolbar to manage all tab windows, especially to make the switch on between the full window.

Spaces extension keeps identifying every new and close tab of the workspace. The extension also helps to open faster to replacement every tab whether your existing tab views on other chrome browser. The chrome extension is great to find out yourself already saved tab and remind you the current working tab for later on.

This Spaces extension support chrome users that looks after many tabs opened in the chrome window. It can improve to open the tab at the time, many tab windows in different condition for all your workspace and bring you more space. It means that your existing windows, hide and keeps chrome browser session controlling on both visually and saving the memory loss.

Source: Spaces for Chrome Extension

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