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If you are using iPhone or iPad, then Reminders will come much of a way to reconnect to-dos, whether it’s start your office related work, watch movies or generates a new habit. While using Reminders as a non-stop, it can feel more interesting, and find you much list of Reminders that you need to remove, when it come none of those things.

But your iOS device will find the gap to delete all Reminders with their list, along with this it can erase the Reminders list as well. This simple concept will replace a large content of Reminders list that you may not require in the future or don’t want to list in Reminders through from iPhone and iPad devices.

How To Delete the Reminders:

* Load Reminders app for iPhone and iPad

* Select the Reminders list and Tap on it.

* Edit  button on the top corner

* Delete List

* The pop-up message will display, the input message on the pop-up box ”Delete Remiders”? This will permanently delete all reminders in ”Reminders.” 

* Click Delete or Cancel 

That’s it.

Via: OS X Daily 

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