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Now, the barrier was broken down against some copyrights, products, Google, the search engine company provides a good thing which related what matter that you were looking on to them.

There are few streaming sites like Hulu, Putlocker, and few Hollywood channels they never give up those services.

In torrent sites, the most of people can track their requirement to download files which is the recent statistic that people choose some alternative path. Now, Google has come forward to listing your choice of torrent sites through search engine.

When you feed ”best torrent sites” or ”torrent sites” in Google search engine it provides a top ranking site will be indexed. The result from search engine attached logo with links to click and get the terms of condition based result.

This new update making more confusion from Google, which come legal and unauthorized output streaming sites when the Google users trying to search to get these results. The reels were listed through algorithms, which don’t display legal and illegal sites.

Note: Google updated only when you are using a Google.com domain only. The result would come up logo with links.

That’s it.

Via: Torrentfreak

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