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Overall, people expected, Google has revealed a new online mobile payment for India. The named was called Tez, this new process was set up by Google for digital India.

Tez app, it’s workable to any users to make connections through bank accounts from the app and try with user phone to send money friends and setup instant payments. The service was made through UPI (Unified Payments Interface) to run a number of banks. Right now this new arrival app works in India, but the company decided to visible around the world.

If you are living in India, then your phone compatible to make a download, after you are done the process, the app will ask your phone number to make verify account. Once your phone number connects to your bank account.

This app doesn’t support, if your phone has rooted or any third-party application bootloader, Google will skip the process, because the application was designed under security measurement.

Once you have received OTP number, you will be going to introduce to the home screen. Go ahead on the top left corner and tap to ”Add Bank Account” after that list of bank details will be offered. When you preview the bank name they have connected with UPI. Once you have chosen the bank, you will receive the SMS from your register phone number from the bank. That’s why you have linked to a bank account.

After the verification confirmed, you can see the bank info and UPI identification on your phone app screen and security, and the app will ask you to run the account you will receive UPI PIN. Once you have included, then you know the account where added smoothly.

Finally, you have done the settings. Now, you are ready to make payment with Tap on ”New” available in the bottom and you can find the huge contact list on your Tez account which looks activated.

Tap the ”Cask Mode” whether you want to send or receive money. If you want to pay, then list the contact to make payment, and you will see the Pay and Request. Just tap on Pay and add the amount that you want to pay others. Along with this you can add reason it may optionally and select the Bank account to pay the amount on the particular bank. Finally, Tap on ”Proceed to Pay” and enter UPI PIN to make transactions through from the bank.

That’s it.

Source: Tez  Via: GizmoTimes 

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