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What might going to provide all users from Google Chrome browser? There are no numbers, particularly to specific the feature which is run inside the browser. Whether it’s Internet Explorer or Firefox or Safari, the Google will never step down with the option of import and export passwords when you get inside the browser settings. Make sure, before you get into the work, there are plenty of applications automatically will turn to identify the passwords, but many of them aren’t going to clean those debris. Before, you get into this matter, at least you have to know a few things. That you can find here.

Those who are looking to import or export passwords in Chrome browser, then you can find two ways which make you flexible to do your job done at all the time. If you are a Chrome user then you can sync the passwords from one device to another, if you aren’t going to use sync product or import and export passwords the browser it will not go to support the browser anymore.

Password import and export:

* Open Chrome://flags/#password-import-export in browser address bar

* Choose the selective one in the menu under Password import and export feature–>Enabled 

* Restart the Chrome browser.


This function you can try on your Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome OS. The URL (chrome://settings-frame/passwords) doesn’t connect with Chrome, you have to set directly. To save, import or export passwords and the output come with CSV file and one more thing the file doesn’t encrypt so do care about your privacy.

For this you can try a third-party application.

That’s it.

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