How To Recover Unsaved QuickTime File on Mac Computer

Recording audio files much easier with a usage third-party application or do some work on your system device. When it comes with QuickTime, you aren’t unbelieve those crashes into the function, before you get saved the files. But the things are those recorded audio will be hidden somewhere else. The site CultofMac define nicely through on his video. Here is the little step that helps you a lot to do recording audio file and save them cleverly on your device.

If you are using QuickTime for recording audio file for Mac, sometime QuickTime gets crashes before you get saved the files into the device. For this issuance. There are a few tricks that you need to follow on them.

* To recover the QuickTime recorded audio files, go to the Finder, or use your desktop keyboard with Cmd+Shift+G.

* Copy and paste below command

~/Library/Containers/ Information/

* Once you enter, you will be taken to QuickTime directory, where you can check out those files that automatically saved into the system.

From QuickTime, you can find the files which carry with title ”unsaved” or ”lost.” While you switch into the list you may go through a plenty of them. Once you find the file on your QuickTime backup place, you can start to drag the file into the desktop and open it on any third-party application which can support to play audio files. To know detail watch out the YouTube video above uploaded.

That’s it.

Via: CultofMac

How To Search JPEG Pictures With Spotlight on Mac OS X

Have you trouble with finding JPEG images on your Mac, sometime you couldn’t find the file, but at the moment, you don’t keep other files to forward on Mac. There is possible ranking to search the specific file images that you can do on spotlight in Mac supporting devices. It’s important to you that you only required JPG files. The site OS X Daily clearly mentioned to search only JPEG files on Mac. Here is the little brief about the issue.

* Open the Mac, and try Command+Spacebar all together to open the Spotlight

* Search field type the below code;

kind:jpeg filename

Using with kind operator of jpeg file, these are features that JPEG files will get through search and sends back to match the files. This formula works all types of version which brings Spotlight support on Mac OS version. That’s it.

Via: OS X Daily

An Easy Way You Can Modify the Default AirDrop Location Folder on Mac OS X

If you are using AirDrop, then it can make the quick service to transfer files between the iOS and Macs. When you are transferring files from one device to another device, the files are made to automatically save into the computer’s folder. It goes to the default location, and you can’t configurable, along with Mail and Safari browser.

You can change the default folder for AirDrop to become a saver. But using MacOS, it can’t do those things to move out of the service. The site iDownloadblog pointed out that you can change the default destination files from AirDrop on your Mac.

To change the folder, first you need to download QuarantineAutomatorAction from GitHub site. Then you need to double click on download zip file to get the result file.

* Give the prompt message to press Install button

* Load Automator–>New Document–>Folder Action

* Select Actions tab on the top left hand side

* Click the Search bar

* Search Quaratine and click, drag the Quarantine Filder–> Workflow

* Load button and you choose Load Anyway

* Click drop down menu–>Filder for–>AirDrop file

* Return to Search bar–>Move Finder items

* In the drop menu, you can find Move Filder Items where the AirDrop files saved.

* Finally, you can save the document with cmd-s or File to Save and you can skip the AirDrop from the document.

To know detail about changing default AirDrop folder to another place. Below link can help you a lot.

Source: QuarantineAutomatorAction Via: iDownloadblog

LongoMatch Is a Video Sports Anlysis Tool Built-in Strong Community

Fluendo’s LongoMatch is an open source video analysis tool that builds a strong community for games. This tool connects on time performance and import recording video analysis. When you access LongoMatch it will compatible with Windows, Mac, a Linux. This software required to download and install codecs to support the functionality.

LongoMatch bring free and Pro version, open source version doesn’t bring enough features, but Pro brings record the game in real time, import video from PC, and Data from video software. When you start this program, the tool will ask you add codecs to run the system application. If you aren’t brought under the application, some of the application doesn’t support you anymore.

You can start the project from Open or import the recording, otherwise, you can choose one of the available features. You can import the video from your PC and LongoMatch will connect to capture the system device, it will connect IP or others.

Once you import the recording, the program moves into default dashboard. Whether you want to rate different sports, you can open the dashboard manager and generate or load to match the various games. The program enables the set of the field, players, goal, and many events that become to related games. If you go to the new project, the properties screen will create more information with name and date. Even you can add one or more video files to analysis. If your PC doesn’t hold codecs, then LongoMatch doesn’t work anymore. In this open source, the video analysis brings you a powerful from the free version. It can customize any events, no limited for timelines, watch per locations and other events. To know more check out the official LongoMatch site.

Source: LongoMatch   Via: Ghacks

Try Google Chrome Using Less Battery Power

It’s a competition between the browser on the web, but Google Chrome takes one step forward and it stands for the many for computer. But at the same time the browser it takes a full control of battery strength who are working on laptops or tablets. When you want to less battery power. Here are the few tips from ZDNet site. Which i am going to brief with my thoughts.

Here are the few tips that how to manage the Google Chrome:

* Your Google Chrome always must keep up-to-date, clicking three dots on the top address bar. Select Help–>About Google Chrome or Type Chrome://help/ on the address bar and give Enter button.

* Try to stop Google chrome in the background section, your operating system Windows only. Click three dots–>Settings or chrome://settings/ add on the address bar and Enter button

* The best way to save the battery consuming from Google Chrome, an extension that is not working condition you can uninstall those from the browser.

* If you aren’t aware about opening more tabs that could be draining your computer laptop battery power.

* If any flash player disturbing your chrome, then you can immediately stop them, which is getting run automatically on your chrome.

* Whether you want to skip the Google chrome, then you can use default Microsoft or Safari browser on their respective operating system.

That’s it.

Via: ZDNet