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If you make double-click on your photo on Windows file browser, you can easily use the arrow key to find every single photo in particular folder. Go with a photo in Preview on your Mac, any way you choose the arrow key it doesn’t make any sense. Even it can make you hard to form photo slideshow.

To create faster photo slideshow, that you have imported already into your system. If you want to check those photos press Spacebar to see those images for a quick session, but you can’t make preview a full- screen slideshow. The site How-To Geek pointed out a very clear how to make a quick photo slideshow on Mac.

Before you start this program, you need to confirm that Preview available in your dock, otherwise, you need to first open that. You can drag the photos that you want to make a slideshow in Preview icon. To make simple go-ahead to a folder, use Command+A to choose all, after that drag into the Preview. The site How-To Geek editor find some error when he chooses the complete folder, it got different, better you can select every single file.

In Preview, all of your photos which you have drag and drop that will be listed in the sidebar of the Preview. If you want to switch between the photos, you can use the arrow key. To check out the quick slideshow, all you have to do click the green color fullscreen on the top left-hand side. Through on this, you can show the photos someone that the whole photos in a folder. The same series of photos you can see in multiple windows. For this, you have to give some changes. Click the Preview–>Preferences through on menu bat, after that Images tab–> When opening files–> Open groups of files in the same window. Now, you can check it out that all photos added into the slide shows.

That’s it.

Via: How-To Geek

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