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RAW image files are included minimum data processed from the source machine, these files are not capable to produce for printing and editing, even some files are not able to going to support. Some graphics editor can manage only a few files, they can show their best, otherwise, they totally disconnect the service.

Photo Browser is a tool to commit to the Windows platform, before it was commercial purpose only, right now the tool became as a freeware version. This software comes to supporting a RAW image file types: DNG, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, SRF, SR2, JPG, JP2, PNG and

Once you install the Photo Browser software foe your Windows platform, you can able to access everything. But In this field, there is no search engine box to see all of his interface and the tool hides everything in behalf that shows a maximum of file viewing place only.
Here you can’t find toolbars and menus to approach your photos. The tool brings resizable Windows, which you can make Forward, or press arrow right on your keyboard and start to play the button of slideshow images.

Well, you can fit the Windows to start the process to create, edit and launch the magnifier to know the image position and also you can rotate left or right image and apply some of editing options to the image file, where you can bring images as a slideshow movement.

And also the tool includes an inbuilt thumbnail browser, what you expect from that you can get it easily onward. In this service, you can see ”Extras” menu settings, added batch transformation, resize and rename the images or you can give a watermark apply to the
Photos and the tool release PDF size of images to work on them.

Photo Browser comes without menus you can’t go into step by step, but if you have a RAW file format then it will support excessively. The editing tool is combined with watermark the photos, resize and rename image files, of course, PDF contact sheet also comes too easy. This is the one you are looking for RAW file format, then you can download it on your desktop PC immediately.

Source: Photo Browser for Windows PC   Via: Betanews 

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