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You don’t expect anything when you use Apple product, whether you need to continue or skip away through to enjoy with an Android device. Sometime it’s happening when you use the app on your iPhone, it’s likely to be attached to Android phone. Most of them missing out that iMessage taking part in the group chats.

Recently, there was an app circulating on the internet which it’s want to make place to offer iMessage to run on Android phone, but you need a Mac computer machine.

WeMessage app follows Apple’s rule’s and regulation to run iMessage on Android. This app runs through the Mac server to send and receive the messages, and it makes faster to send the feature from your phone.

When you install this you don’t find more functionality, but at the same time it covers and explore the user’s interest. Moreover, using this app you may go with group chats, file attachments, special creation for iMessage effects, and more. When you use WeMessage it keeps everything encrypted so your conversation all in the green line.

Import Note:

WeMessage doesn’t authorization to try your old iMessages, when you move all of your conversation it works fine.

Install WeMessage:

First, you go with installing the WeMessage on your Android, you need to install the weServer on your Mac machine. To install Java SE Development Kit and some tweaks on your system settings to all permissions.

Once you have downloaded weServer and you go straight to open ZIP file and make double click on the feature program that ask your iMessage email account. You can use the same iMessage address and set a new password for upcoming security.

You can install the app on your Android, once you loaded and you can add a Mac’s IP address, along with register email and your password all on your computer. Once you have done, you can see all information which will display on your app and you may go to start chatting. To know more.

Source: WeMessage

Via: Lifehacker

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