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In the past, we did our photos and documents get scanned to the shop. But the things are completely getting changed with our handy smartphone, which has a high definition camera machine that works to scan any document that you need.

At this stage, you have been using the CamScanner app on your mobile phone, it played a key for your work projects always.

The app has a very easy function, and their tools works like faster- whether you need to scan the invoice or any secret document.

But at the same time if you need an advance, then CamScanner finds you to spend more money. Skipping this and choosing other apps they give unlimited with one time purchase or monthly charges.

If you are looking some free alternative apps against CamScanner for Android, then you are welcome on board. The best document scanning for Android.

Fast Scanner:

In this you will be missing out auto scanning functionality and you will do manually after doing this you will adjust the those documents with their CamScanner footsteps. With this app, you can find a plenty of filters that you can try very much, it’s depend that you have a document. When you scan the docs, the file moves into the folder and the names will be set through date and time.

Actually, you need to create the folders through the manual and there you can move all the documents. Finally, this app saves your scanned documents into JPEG or PDF files.

Tiny Scanner:

Tiny Scanner, if you compare to the CamScanner, it hasn’t big role at the Play Store. The app proceeds with simple and light programs, which brings you to scan the documents and invoice into PDF on your mobile or inside the app. This app run automatically and it brings the adjustment the document edges. Once you have scanned the image show pretty cleared. This app sets your page size and the filters as well.

In this app, the picture saves through on your phone gallery or cloud storage or email with limited free version. If you want to go more than you need to do one time purchase.

Adobe Scan:

If you are comparing to CamScanner, Adobe Scan has a best similar feature, which gives you to use auto-detecting when you point the document the app connect and capture automatically. If you want to use more filters, comparing to CamScanner, then you missed out it has a maximum of four default filters which can do pretty decent work for you all the time. Once the most important feature that you can find for this application when you take multiple shot, the app brings clear folder, which you can easily share straightaway.

Office Lens:

Your intention only scanning the documents, then you can go with Microsoft’s Office Lens it can do the decent job like scanning documents, business cards and few more. Once your documents get scanned, then you don’t care anything this app will finalize everything. Through on this app, you can save the picture, and also you can move into cloud storage and PDF files.


This app built for photo scanning and makes you digitized for your very special documents and many more. If you leave behind the old photos, adding this PhotoScan it displays a right way. And your picture will be scanned without glare.

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