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Daily new apps are uploaded around the world to the Google Play Store for Android user. If you aren’t watching this, then you miss something the best product. We display you the 5 best Android apps that definitely place you anything.


keeping updated the daily news is more useful nowadays, but you don’t want to read the whole article you are interested with headlines. That’s not going to be clear the matter. If you install Nwsty app which is allow you to read the headlines with short lines of the top news of the whole day. The app keeps minimum text and you can’t look more features, but at the same time some area gives useful information to support your headlines.

Chilly Snow:

This Chilly Snow app something like that old Ski-Free game, you are welcome to move the ball to the top hill but it never ends. To play you just tap the screen go back to escape from the trees. In this how you will get down from the hill without hitting the trees or set the edge of the screen.


Mapapers, this app absolutely for wallpaper to set a stylish of maps. With this app you can navigate the map, pinch to zoom and you get the perfect vision. And also you have a color choice. With this you can see everything a clear look inside the map.


Search your online TV with FitzyTV on your Android phone. In the past you have been accessed through cable or satellite with subscription based. This app works all satellite service providers and it makes easy recording of your TV shows faster. The app currently available, more than 30 plus channels, live TV, upcoming episodes, and more.


Many anagram games, you find in most places which comes single text, but using Typeshift, you can search minimum three to five texts come both and all scrambled all together. It’s show ups and down and you have to spell the word on the center row. You had the opportunity to play continuously with all letters same like a puzzle at the time.

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