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Image Credit: Indiegogo / GPD

The continuity of GPD’s handheld computer game has been arrived officially right now. The company latest arrival crowdfunding campaign for GPD Win 2 on the site Indiegogo, and it passed the goal within the period and two more months have left.

For Win 2, GPD has spiced up with specification of your device, which will help to touch the end point of the device performance and frame rate of the games. Here you can see the hardware information which is included with GPD Win 2.

* Intel Core™ m3-7Y30
* lntel HD Graphics 615
* 6 inches H-IPS Technology
* 8GB Memory
* M.2 SSD 128GB, Replaceable, No Capacity Ceiling
* 162×99×25mm
* ABS + Aluminum alloy
* 2×4900mAh, In Series
* About 6~8 hours of battery life, it should depend on the actual working conditions

According to the GPD, the specification were mentioned are helpful to pump of each and every game. When you use GPD Win 2, it comes with the tiny keyboard, and twin joysticks, D-pad, and standard game buttons. In this design you find thumbsticks are closer to edges of inner design. The screen looks little bit broader and also it makes double your RAM.

It will challenge when you run the GPD Win 2 with a support of Windows 10, it presents with smaller screen and plays you Windows games on minimal device. The price tag is high $899 for the handy device.

That’s it.

Source: indegogo / GPD

Via: Windows Central 

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