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You have been used much wallpaper on your smartphone, but at the same time, it’s a not last that you downloaded for a long. Here is an Android app that can fill the gap which can stay at your current location. And it can easily change the background with the special image on your phone. This app available on Google Play Store with a price tag $1.99.

Skyline, This app was developed by Justin Fincher, and it keeps running with satellite and aerial picture to response those pictures of any location. It means, when you swipe the phone in between of the pages the picture will get turn slowly, and also the phone rotate the picture will keep moving to the edges.

When you use Skyline, the app will be handy to turn into your location with GPS or you can select the particular place. After that, the app will support to fit the wallpaper on your phone with your selection based. Through app settings, you can turn those depth effects. Your phone starts with Android Oreo or later version the menu will choose the color to match the wallpaper maps.

If you aren’t satisfied with this product, the developer bringing you a more flexible option which works automatically to set the current location with new facilities. This cool Skyline will make you neat on your Android home screen. That’s it.

Source: Skyline

Via: Lifehacker

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