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For Mail App, Mac includes Junk mail filter. Which can make filter out and highlight those spam messages so it can’t merge into your email inbox. At many stages that junk filter can support the user, but at the same time it can be disturbing, and you may find that mistakenly the spam emails display in your junk box. And that should be listed on email inbox. For this you need to disable junk mail filter from Mail for Mac.

Disable Junk Filter in Mail  for Mac:

* Load Mail for Mac, if you don’t finish, then pull down and see Mail menu–>Preferences

* Choose Junk Mail tab in Preferences

* Uncheck ”Enable junk mail filtering”

* Once you close the Preferences, it’s an optional, but it comes first, go ahead  to the Junk inbox and replace or delete the available junk filter.

After you complete the process your junk mail inbox must be an empty, the email doesn’t arrive and that will be marked as a junk from Mail app on the Mac. If you want to get those disable feature to go ahead on the same way.

That’s it.

Via: OS X Daily

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