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Everybody now behind Prisma, the brand provides artificial intelligence (AI) powered filters that your every capturing photos, and now swipe up with new promotions to your iPhone and iPad. The named called Sticky AI.

All you have to do download and install comes simple on your iPhone, and start snapping with your front camera as a selfie, and the app Sticky will change the style all your interest based. Not only this feature, you can make a short animation video with Boomerang action and set the side effects on it. After you finish the process, you can include the text content and share to social apps.

It’s all about making fun your picture within minutes, but those paintings are fresh for the time. This application not only recommending, there is a few apps like Google’s Allo strick out a few things at all.

This Sticky app available on the App Store, and if you are an Android user then you have to wait some time.

That’s it.

Source: Sticky for iPhone   Via: TNW 

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