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If you are using desktop or laptop with the support of Windows 10, then you may find something that goes wrong with text while you reading on your Windows screen. For this, you can sort out those problem which may not disturb again your readability text on your Windows 10. Through Windows 10, you can find ClearType which is a program that was developed by Microsoft to get improve on the text that users can read crystal clearly on Windows monitor.

This ClearType software, starting from Windows XP to Windows 10 that makes your text more clear when you read any content on your Windows display. One more important things you need to understand this ClearType program doesn’t come default on Windows XP, it comes through on Windows 7 and later version. You may know or not buying any computer the most of the screen comes with an LCD display. Anyway, this is not a matter on your device. More, the default settings don’t bring the perfect output of your readability of text on your Windows display.

In this article, we will move into every step to activate and set up the ClearType program on your system device to make more look your text to read without any unclear.

Enable ClearType Text Tuner:

Type Adjust ClearType text and Enter button.

Make right-check mark before Turn on ClearType and Click Next button.

After that, if you have two monitors, you can tune your Windows screen or choose one. If it is the issue, you can enable ClearType on each display. And you confirm the selection, Click Next to move another step.

Now, the ClearType tool will take you with some useful text samples. Choose the best text samples that you like very much on your Windows screen.

Next button, and you are completed.

Repeat again the function, choosing the workable feature. Finally, you will receive the message that You have finished tuning the text on your monitor.

Click the Finish button to apply the changes on your Windows 10 LCD monitor.

That’s it.

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