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Now, you can able to manage more on your browser through disabling the downloads. Actually, doing this process not for saving your computer memory space, it against to stop malware and malicious attacks to the computer PC. This article may help to disable the downloads on your Chrome browser on your Windows 10.

The downloading any content via browser it can be direct function. When you click on to the download link, you need to choose the storage location whether it’s a file or folder to the store the download file. Anyway, if you choose to disable the download function, you have an choice automatic sealer of the content download.

To get the process through on Windows, it has Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 10 Education as well. You can stop the download the content using Group Policy. To perform this operation your computer has Windows 10 Home then it will not support anymore. As you preferred to disable downloads via browser, you can choose Windows registry or add chrome extension. To amend you need admin right to change the registry.

An Easy Way Disable Downloads via Chrome Browser:

First, you need to open the Windows Registry through following below location.


Whether you didn’t find any Chrome keys through Policies, you can easily create a new one. Once you have done, all you have to do right-click on Google key and choose New–>Key and add the name as Chrome. Now, see-through Chrome key, make right-click and do empty pane and choose New–>DWORD(32)-bit Value. Name DownloadRestrictions. Now, you have to Double-click and add the value 3. After adding this value number your downloading process no more in Chrome.

Finally, restart the Chrome browser to settle down permanently as a disable downloads in Chrome. If you want to make it reverse function the following above step to change the value with 0 number to continue download in Chrome. That’s it.


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