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Google rolled out a new Android-based application, which is named Bolo (It means Speak in Hindi) the main concept to support children to read English and Hindi. This app after you download, you can run offline, and this new program for rural areas who does mobile connection with low latency, along with voice readability to help kids through the topic for primary school students.

This app includes both Hindi and English languages with several lessons and compatible with multiple voice reading levels. Diya, this is voice assistant, kids have to read the text and this Diya repeating a loudly. If your kids’ have difficult to particular text then, Diya comes forward to support them with balance.

If children are reading English, the voice assistant Diya comes up with pronunciation and translating into Hindi. The approachment is nice because most of the kids their native language isn’t English. In this Bolo, you can find 50 stories through Hindi and 40 something in English, and also it will boost word games. Not only bring these two languages, and also the company future plan to bring more regional languages that coming soon.

As per the annual ASER 2018 report, In rural areas student who studying grade 5 in India, only half of the children they can read grade 2 textbook. The reason behind this lag of reading ability are different and complicated. To know more about this newly released Google’s Bolo app, visit below link.

Source: Google Bolo


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