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If you are waiting such a long time to send high quality videos and higher value pixel picture then the Facebook put some line on Messenger application through on his update. Now, your friends can feel much better through 360 photos resolution to handle on them.

Those who use Messenger and waiting such a mass feature 360 photo, just pick the phone and run the default camera. And you can share through Messenger. Facebook introduce one more option which give user to share HD video through phone gallery to Messenger app.

Facebook also point that those who use 720p can get HD video, if the user are taking shot with 1080p then you are unlucky right now at the moment.

Those who use Messenger to bring out HD video and 4k photos, user must be carry out their phone compatible with these feature.

Facebook 360 photo function right around the world. But HD video option only few countries that reach out. Which are they US, UK, Australia, and few more.

Source: Facebook

Via: TNW

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