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LinkedIn, it’s basically business related or get a job. If you are running as a long time user and you need to download data, here it comes to do. What other site can do like Facebook, the same thing LinkedIn runs to download the data.

What kind of things that you expect when it comes download LinkedIn profile data. The site gives surety that never involves to collect Call and SMS data what recently had on Facebook. When you feel to download LinkedIn profile data, you can search information the upload files to make connections that gets you all data. To know more things like Connections, Email address, Receipts, Languages, Education, and more.

Download LinkedIn Data:

To perform this you need to spend a lot of time to make download profile

data, the site LinkedIn has own tool that can do job done. To get into the site you need to make sign in through LinkedIn account. After that enter through profile picture which is on the top menu bar and choose Settings & Privacy.

Account tab to Privacy tab. And you can see through scroll down the page which you can find How LinkedIn uses your data which come on the top. Under this headline, you can see Download your data. Click it.

Even, you can choose directly click this link to make download profile data.

After entering, you have given two options. You can choose complete profile data or data with article, like that import your email address, contacts, and more. Once you choose and click Request archive button. After that enter profile password.

A few moments later, you will get email notification with title line The first installment of your LinkedIn data archive is ready.

After you receive email, you can the download link. Otherwise, you can go through Privacy tab, from there you can ask data archieve. Next you can see Download archive feature.

Once you start and complete the download process, you can see through on CSV file format. You can see and verify on them.

Source: LinkedIn

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