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If you see then clean immediately all unwanted data.

You have plenty of reasons that you need to wipe the hard drive or external drive. Example: Get more space, work different file, or remove unwanted data in the drive or need to sell the drive to someone so they can’t use the information to share others.

Luckily, you have a variety of drive to make wipe, and the function comes so easy and uncomplicated. It depends on when you involve erasing data on how it will more secure, but you can go with multiple options that clear the data on your drive. Here you can learn how to wipe the drive if you are using Windows 10. Let’s go and start with some simple steps.

Wipe (Format) drive in Windows 10:

When you get wipe (format) a drive on your Windows 10, it may vary when you take action on the drive which is used a simple storage or Windows files.

For this, you can learn step by step to complete the wipe process in Windows 10.

The very fast way to make format the drive is right available on Windows 10 home screen. That is ”My Computer” window.

Load the ”My Computer” and you can find the drives which are connected into your Windows 10 computer.

All you have to do select one of the drive that connected into your Windows system and make the cursor on it to make Right Click and select Format.

One Clicked on Format, and you can find several functions to clean the drive and set the name in the drive after you have done the format with new files.

Finally, you can click the Start button to complete the wipe.

If you want to continue not to stop the drive you can choose ”Quick Format” feature, which makes you format but it provides less protection. If you are choosing this ”Quick Format” it will not go to wipe end to end completion. It just removes and finds the data wherever stored, and it will be overwritten on the drive.

Whether you want to delete complete data in drive, then you don’t choose ”Quick Format” function. Because Microsoft brings from Windows Vista and later OS, that format tool will delete data with overwriting based.

You have one more choice to wipe drive through Disk Management by pressing Windows Key + X and Disk Management. Onward, you can see the Windows drive and there have different partitions. Choose which one you want to wipe drive and give ”Format”. Once more I remind you that choosing Quick Format doesn’t come a clear output, rather than normal format.

How To Wipe your Advance Windows 10 drive:

Now, you can wipe the Windows 10, which holds your apps, files, and anything that you installed, you can’t able to format the above steps. An alternative way, you need to move into system reset (not to be confused with restarting the computer).

First, get into Windows Start menu and Type ”Reset this PC” and Enter button. You will be taken into another session whether you need to choose Reset this PC or Advance startup on your computer.

Choose ”Get started” under ”Reset this PC” function. And it will take to another window, and choose ”Remove everything”.

It will start to wipe all files, installed apps, and Settings everything on you will loose and gets you a fresh coating. Whether you have an additional drive on your computer, it can also be done. That’s it.

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