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Let’s check out on your Windows 10, there are more than 500 plus files has been kept indexed as a default on your computer. It means that the Windows brings all the files through search results. There are few files doesn’t allow index in Windows 10 which are encrypted files only.

While files you want to see or not to display on the Start or the taskbar and File Explorer search results. The more important thing that you want to skip the images from the search results.

The owner of a computer user who want to share their device, at the same time want to secure not to appear on the search results. In the previous version, you might see that Windows 10 allows to change through add or remove particular file types from the search results through the index. While using those settings you can make end that not to display the file type. In this article you may go with few steps to make configure on Windows search.

* Start or Taskbar search field–>Indexing Options–>Enter key button

* Load the Indexing Options against Control Panel

* Advanced button

* Get into the File Types tab. From there you can see all the file types where has been indexed. If you want to new file type, all you have to do Click Add button.

* To delete the file type on Windows search, find the file type from the list, make uncheck mark next to the box and Click Ok button.

Finally, you can see the small box which included with few messages, click Ok button to start with a new Windows search index.

That’s it.

Via: Into Windows

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