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If you are using the Windows 10 operating system any pinning programs want to get into the taskbar, this method not cleared from Windows 7. If you want to pin any files or folders into the taskbar, you need to work deeply to get experience with them.

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Many users favorite one, clicking Start menu that can be loaded programs faster. But most of them, they preferred pinning the program files or folders are capable to achieve anything. If you want to pin the program in the taskbar. The site IntoWindows pointed out clearly with three types of method:

* In Windows you can run the program pinned in taskbar as admin. Just hold down Ctrl and Shift keys that program pinned into the taskbar.

* Another step pin the program in the taskbar as admin. Find the file or folder icon and give right-click option.

* If you wanted to run always to pin the program in the taskbar as admin, there has a facility to do that well. Here it comes right-click option to set the program. Once you right-click–>program name–>Properties and not to make Unpin from the taskbar. Once the Command Prompt Properties window opened–>Shortcut tab–>Advanced button–>Run as administrator–>Ok–> Apply. That’s all.

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Via: IntoWindows

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