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Before or after you didn’t realize those features on Gmail, when you keep writing and sending almost any email. It has the ability to add a signature on Gmail with enormous option. It will point out that you don’t go without any information at the end of the email. Once you complete the email to send anyone.

You can set it at once and you can keep permanently for your personal or other way to use. While you are adding a signature on your Gmail is coming up very simple and you can find where it’s available – while doing this process it will take a few minutes.

If you are desktop user then here you can follow the steps:

* Start with a sign-in on a Gmail account

* Click Cog wheel icon or gear icon (Settings) listed on the top right-hand side on Gmail window screen.

* General tab–> Signature option

The above image shows you which area to add your text or image as a signature once you going to end and send the email. Otherwise, you can add HTML format links or quotes. But these are limited.

* Click Save Changes.

If you are using mobile on Gmail:

* Open Gmail app

* Settings option

* General Settings

* Signature settings

* toggle on after Mobile signature

That’s it.

Source: Gmail app

Via: Ubergizmo

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