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How To Restart an iPhone X Device  [Video]

In this article you can learn how to restart your new iPhone X device, because the latest iPhone gets completely changed by Apple compared to the previous iPhone device models. You know very well if you got an iPhone X there is no Home button anymore, if you decided to force restart the phone process now impossible on your iPhone X.

But the iPhone X gets with plenty of buttons to do the work job done. Watch video below it will take down your restart position on your iPhone X. When you start repeating the process it will take little bit hard to do that, once you watch completely the video you have got an idea to read to boot the device.

* You must follow the sequential method in iPhone X to make restart, first you need to press two button and release them, and the final button will support to reboot the system device, once the iPhone X screen complete lights off and the Apple logo will appear.

* Press your iPhone X Volume Up side

* Again Volume Down, and release

* Press and hold the phone power and lock button on the right side of iPhone X

* You need to continue to hold the Power or Lock button until you can’t see Apple logo that appears on your iPhone X screen.

That’s it.

Via: OS X Daily

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