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You always put your hands on your Windows 10, because you need to make video editing much more than you realize. But it’s not big deal whatever you have found on this platform that you need to be delivered. You may know the Windows OS has been packed with the bundle, but there is feature still hidden to lead that they are thinking about secrets.

On this Windows 10 that I have found one feature which is called screen recording program. You always think about screen recording happens through third-party software but here there is a silent mode behind the Operating system which works actively as on-screen recording function. To find the screen recording which is applied into Game bar and you have never seen before on your Windows. If you amaze how to make screen recording through Windows, then this is valuable tool that must hold on your hands. Here are the few steps that you can easily access those items. It’s all happen through Windows Keyboard shortcuts.

This tool doesn’t have standalone program, so you need to drive into Windows Start menu, but can’t find publicly on it. You need to find Game bar, but at the same time you aren’t gamer, you never seen this tool which is available on your Windows 10 computer.

All you have to do Start menu–>Game bar or use shortcuts, by hitting Windows Key+G both at the same time. You can see the Game bar will be displayed, and Game capturing will be shown at the nearest time in the window and that will give some tips to operate the feature.

To perform this screen recording you will notice ”record button” or you can press Windows Key + Alt + R to enable start recording. As a matter of fact, you no need to load Game bar anymore. All you have to do just use shortcuts to enable screen record activities.

Some times you can see the message pointing out the screen recording is not available, because you didn’t have enable the gaming function. Just tick and enable the window to start recording.

Once you completed screen recording it will be saved in MP4 format. And also you can consider through the Game bar to make screen recordings.


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