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Your phone carries Google Translate app then it makes easy to translate languages offline mode. If you don’t speak the international language, this going to be the front runner to help any languages for you.

Basically, your cell provider doesn’t support wifi or mobile data connection, when you go abroad. Even, you are stuck in a remote area or you find some people they use different languages, you don’t understand what they speak with you. For this, you can use Google Translate in offline mode.

This Offline function works only on your smartphone and tablets. Even, you can’t try Google Translate on your computer PC as an offline connection. If you are interested to use Google Translate in offline. Then you need to go with little setup.

Try Google Translate Offline:

First, if you want to access offline then you go through Google Translate app. From there, you need to download every single language.

Open Google Translate app

As you confirm the language that you want to download both listed on the top of your app screen. If any language that you want to download, click the Translate from or Translate to which is located next to particular language on the top of app screen. For this, you can find a small drop down symbol there you need to tap on it to further process.

Tap the language to access offline.

Tap download icon next to each and every languages, which you going to use offline mode.

One more thing, that you don’t miss the new arrival offline language, you have to go through on the app of the top left-hand side three lines available click on it you can find more languages available as the list you can pick for download and use offline. For this operation, better you can use a WiFi connection.

Using Android it limit the data:

On Android mobile, you have the option to set a boundary for accessing data. So it can avoid you more data charging when you prepared to download offline languages. Here are the few steps that come useful on to your mobile phone.

Tap on the left-hand side three lines and click Settings

Select Data Usage.

Choose Download offline translation files. You have three option One is ”Use Wi-Fi Only” if you aren’t in WiFi connection, another one ” Use WiFi or mobile network” if your mobile doesn’t meet any one it will take to download files with an available connection.

Finally, if your mobile required a lot of space, you can remove some unwanted language that you have downloaded. For this, you go through Offline translation–> Downloaded languages below section, see the language next there is delete icon tap on it. This one does not go permanently you can use it again if you wish to stand on your app as an offline mode. That’s it.

Source:Google Translate


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