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If you want to create a password, it will not come easy to you, on the other side, you can perform tasks to build and guessing passwords for each and every site or many other services. It means, you can’t keep to much password in mind.

If you believe your password are safe in a particular site, then you can use any system device. In some cases, it may happen to unsupported these creations from the device. If you are logging password doesn’t allow you to enter, then you can understand your password was out.

Twik is an Android mobile app, it can act like many way, but you need to provide a personal key to save on your system device, on the other end you need to remember the master password. Between two key functions that you can use on your website, which you bring the strong and unique password.

Having password on many sites around the network, Twik has a simple service, arranging your each password identity and secure the password settings combined with each program. The app supports most of the mobile device, so you can redirect the website into the Twik mobile supporting device. Finally, it has an open source format, the ability person can do inside the GiThub.

To get this app, all you have to do go through Google Play Store to download to your smartphone device.

Source: Twik for Android    Via: XDA Developer 

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