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ShareON Bring You Media Files instantly to Send Friends Without Uploading on Cloud Storage
Our way of life changing into timely, whenever and wherever the place you are. While you are travelling aboard you will get a nice experience the moment comes on your camera machine if you want to share with your friends and colleagues whether it is photos or video clips generally first you will upload the files into cloud storage after that you will bring to download those files from the server the time you need to access or to share. The same manner that everyone we follow, but here ShareON is a different but not difficult to manage It never things about cloud server at the same time it can connect the service to the devices. And also the possibility that you can make faster to share photos and videos the person you want to send them. The app brings direct sharing technology on ShareON between the devices, and stepping beside the poor and clumsy uploading and downloading server in the app services.

The ShareOn App doesn’t keep on his remind that what kind of file size you want to share, while you access here no speed limitation, no obstacle of sending files once at the time, all skips out to use the heavy repository to send, making you everything easy onwards. It is practical that you can share big files to anyone, especially with your friends giving few clicks on the service button.

With ShareON, the service brings a great feature to share photos and Videos with your friends and colleagues. Not required to file uploading to cloud storage the app uses only direct link to share most valuable moments with your friends. Once you sign up with Facebook, Google + or your personal email from shareON through to access your media files to connect your different system devices like Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac without intricated you can use the app on the way to stream your photos and videos DLNA supported devices TV and Wi-Fi system is fitted on your home screen.

The app keeps his user content in a secure place where the ShareOn app can do direct file sharing technology. And there are no chances to be in a part of the cloud storage server, instead the app sharing his file directly to friends account. If any user keeping those files on their devices while sharing ability comes very fast and keeps away from intruders.

How to Use ShareON Using Various Devices to Share with Friends:

ShareON Bring You Media Files instantly to Send Friends Without Uploading on Cloud   Storage

* Once you installed the ShareON application on your supported devices, to access you have an a choice to register with Facebook, Google+ or email account on the app.

* Now you log in to the register account on any enabling devices.

* While if you are using Android or iPhone the sharing button is different to share files or albums in this condition you can share pictures, videos and music file extra.

* The app ask to choose how to share your files with your friends. Where you can share people who are using ShareON another end or copy, paste and send the link to your social app, email or availability on SMS.

* Sending this you can send the files if you are using phone allowance to share up to three users and if you are PC or Mac user then up to ten users.

* Your sharing files will be connected once your friends accepted, that will be displayed on the screen. And also the screen tells you who have connected and download those files on their respective devices. If you want to jump another screen end of the bottom page you may find cancel or close.

* If someone shared media files on different devices you may find on device icon that was situated on the top of the bar, and there you can check out streaming items, downloaded photos, videos and music files compatible with any other devices happen from the ShareON team.

* The app allow you to check the installed applications from there you can select the device that you want to view the content and must be logged in each and every device with ShareON account.

* ShareON supports streaming content like photos, videos and music files using DLNA support to TV or Wi-Fi speakers. To play this stream files you have to click the device button available on the top right corner. Installed devices and ShareON will be connected automatically to run streaming media files particular device.

* On friends icon, Is there your friend’s name was listed, then you can send a friend request or invitation via Email, SMS and more.


ShareON is a standalone app, that works nearly all over the devices. You can wait for the such a good result to share those files to your friend’s account. It gives ability to run faster with slow internet and you can access multimedia support to share with friends and family. Totally the app is worthwhile to keep on the your devices.

Source: ShareON for Android and iOS 

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