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Google Release Material Design Clock App to Support Android Device
Google introduces himself many app productivity on Play Store. In that way, the Stock Clock App for Android is now available to download everyone for their smartphone device. Now, More with Material Design, you may find something interesting in the app settings.

This Clock app you may find routinely in the past years as it comes in a new version for Android lovers through release from Google company. We have to say that Google is the one who making enhancement and adding lots of features for users to get more experience. Once you download Clock app from Play Store, the app conformed to Material Design for users, who can achieve floating buttons, animations, polished transaction like the more you have it on your phone device.

Along with the Clock app users can set the alarms, increase timer, and stopwatches, you can add your favorite cities on the world clock pane, and also Connect into the Android Wear to set a snooze or dismiss the alarms through from your Android watch. That’s it.

Source: Clock for Android 

Via: Droid Life 

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