Your Camera App Makes You Shortcut to Your Google Photos

Image Credit: How-To Geek

As a default, you can find a shortcut from your phone’s camera app for your photo library app so the process takes rapidly to access the pictures that you want it. Whether you are using Google’s Photo app, then the camera app takes some easy, that is you can include shortcuts to your camera app.

Normally, if you want to get a shortcut, first, open the Google Photos and below steps take you exact path:

* Slide from the left side or tap three lines on the top corner.

* Scroll down from top to bottom find ”Settings” and tap on it.

* In the Settings, end of the bottom, select ”Camera shortcut” (Add a shortcut on your camera app that jumps to Google Photos).

Now, you can test your camera app, snap the photo and find thumbnail icon that save photo into library – this format that completely bring the changes. Once you snap the photo you can find a top left corner the photo display landscape and right top corner show portrait. The thumbnail picture brings Google Photo icon to fix the icon edge. Once you tap, it will take you directly to the photos. That’s the simple feature comes in hand.

Via: How-To Geek 

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