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TripAdvisor has now updated offline function to iOS and Android devices, Which helps to traveler to find the best hotels and flights that becomes to download their reviews, maps and location before start their tour. So users can access easily without internet cable connection.

TripAdvisor is encouraging traveler when your internet out of order, you can use download details of best hotels, nearest restaurants, city finder with this you can travel anywhere through the world wide with out using the international roaming service.

What new features added in this Updated version 9.0:

  • Our biggest update ever just in time for the summer travel season!
  • Offline Support
  • Download maps, reviews, and your saves for over 300 cities worldwide and take them with you while you travel. All for free!
  • View your current location on maps through GPS without a data plan.
  • Member profiles now show photos and badges.
  •  Looking for a place to eat? Now you can find and reserve tables at thousands of restaurants worldwide.
  • Tired of tapping the back button repeatedly to navigate back home? Now you can tap and hold the back button to speed back to the home screen.
  • See your recently searched hotels with one tap.

Source: TripAdvisor for iOS, Android  Via: the next web 

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