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FileWing Shredder Help You Safe to Remove Files in Windows OS

If your computer becomes shared with files and folders, whether you want to bring down to make a service or replacing any importance or hand over data to others, FileWing Shredder is a free software tool supporting your Windows desktop the deletes files and folders are recovering securely on your PC.

This program supporting the shredding files and folders is taking care into the hard disk to running Windows PC.

If you are looking some advance feature this FileWing Shredder brings Pro version that you can find on their own official websites, that includes additional options to clean the delete files and folders and makes free disk space, format the entire drive with securely, so no one can recover data anymore.

You can activate easily through verifying email ID that you normally use to sign up. Whether you accept with free version this one can do delete files and folders or directories that was gifted by the application program. It has a two step process to perform these shredding files, directories or Recycling Bin. All it can happen purely to delete the files with securely. FileWing Shredder didn’t have enough feature it has a option that you can rotate easily on your Windows desktop. That’s it.

Source: abelssoft  Via: Ghacks

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