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If you look to protect your Giga bit of photos and videos on your smart phone, normally, you will move your files on cloud storage or you will add third party app to hide or lock the photos and videos systematically. But here is an App that cleverly protects your photos and videos like hiding and locking all of your files and apps.

Droid Protector is an app that currently support on Android mobile, as you can lock your every single application of Gmail, SMS (Send Message Service) social app Facebook, Instagram, Evernote and more.

You can simply do hiding your files and icons, the only authorized user can access these items. Through locking mode, you can able to see photos, videos and animated GIF files. Droid protector becomes file and icon protect your application separately as you wish on them with two way password unlock settings: use simple Pattern lock, a classic lock system or Calculator lock function. If any images or videos are visible on your mobile that someone using that you know after, you can simply can do with opening Droid Protector.

In this app, you can find one more intelligent feature that the app decline and apply not to allow unofficial user. And the app creates random password, unfortunately if you open the app individual the app locked a fake cover dialogue box or you can activate fake with tap and hold options. But it may continue to protect and secure the same way of your files and apps.

Source: Droid Protector for Android    Via: Xda developers

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