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Yallo Can Do Call Record, Caption With WiFi Enabling On Your Android Phone
Do you accept the cell provider gives enormous features on your smart phone? And what some other going to provide let you can see Why people moving to apps functionality It’s a phone dialer and bring extra features to the mobile to activate the voice call tremendously. Yallo is a phone calling app that treats whoever using a smartphone it adds a some additional option to the phone users, the official app is now available on Google Play Store.

At one place, let users can access the full fledge functionality to record the calls has been saved for later listen, and forward well known person, the chat support group call with one click service which it comes existing with top social chat app or makes possible to build a new one.

The app doesn’t succeed with buttons to transcribe the voicemail it can do automatically to board on your personal email account, Yallo doesn’t put your service unserviceable, it acts against the network with “Connection Keeper” once the connection comes in normal position. You can find those incoming call whatever you face through network.

You can easily transfer the calls to any other devices with making disorder whether you desktop or tablets. At this service current mobile numbers are welcome, Yallo don’t care about cell network the calls are made through wireless with Yallo.

It also has a call caption someone who doesn’t know why they are calling and what purpose, so you can decide whether need to answer the call or not? That’s why it makes easy to know with advance message. Yallo gives a different kind of numbers so you can use various places and also it accept internationally.

If you want to try Yallo, need installation from Play Store and create your first free account which gives you a free minute once you end the limit, after that you need to buy a credit when you make a calls the calling rate will be different. If you access Yallo and other side Yallo it comes free service.

Source: Yallo for Android 

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