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Criptext Sends Gmail Messages With "Set Expiration Time" to Recipients

While if you need to set back those email messages or secure attachment? Criptext Mail allows you to recall those email messages you are trying to send using this application with one click send button.

This tool available Gmail for Chrome extension and Safari, Criptext, it can do encrypts your sending email and detail you the open time and date. The application transforms those text email messages into an image when you open the email inbox. So no one can intrude your files. Your sending email message can recall at anytime or set the expiration time to the recipients.

Criptext help you to send files with secure attachments that upload files 100MB in size. It can possible to encrypt files attachment, set custom types of attachment view and enable the lock so recipient to use a password to access any file attached that you received on your Gmail inbox. If you want to recall those mails from Gmail, trigger the Recall button to set back the email content. After that If the recipient wanted to know the email it shows invalid email. When you try Criptext it gives flawless security to attempt the mail, finding without any issues the tool, it works non-stop it connects into the Gmail account. If you want to restrict that you sending every mail all it can possibly unsigned and secured attachments. That’s it.

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