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Picjoy App Finds Each Photos Uses Algorithm to Create Auto Tag Images From iPhone

In the recent days, we have been hearing a lot of photo searching apps in the market. When it comes to finding photos from your phone gallery, it’s not being a difficult to handle those nice moments. But it need to make faster and boost up particular shots during the time that you have connected with friends or in the conference. Picjoy is the app that comes from HitLabs, supporting for iPhone devices. Finding those pictures automatically organized and search you them instantly.

“We’ve all been there, mid-conversation trying to pull up a photo with no luck. Picjoy solves this problem so you never miss an opportunity to share an experience again,” – Zach Mangum, CEO, Picjoy

The app in-depth to find details and maintain organizing, Picjoy uses an algorithm to automatically tags images from your iPhone and easily manage on your iCloud account and let you allow to make categorize the photos that based on date, location, weather, events, season, and landmark. If you are concerned about privacy the app only keeps his metadata on the Picjoy server to organize all of your photos, which is not collecting your information. Once the app start scanning all of your photos and put in an application for tags, after that it can delete from your phone device.

Picjoy included features:

– A more intelligent photo library that organizes, finds, and records the details behind your photos

– Connects to iCloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Photos coming very soon), making all of your photos searchable from your mobile device

– Search photos by visual contextual clues including: time, location, events, weather, people, etc.

– Customize the way your photos are organized by adding your own “tags” to photos

– Preserve your memories by adding stories to your photos

– Stories are automatically cataloged, providing you with a personal photo journal

Source: Picjoy for iOS   Vai: Marketwired

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