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Klok App Presents Internationl Clock & Converter Widget For iOS Devices

We again and again informing you that after iOS 8 arrival there has been a lot of changes on Apple’s App Store, because the company, allowing for developers to create a widget app for iOS whoever using their phone devices. If you know the time of your local area, then what about around the world? Klok is a new time widget app for iPhone and iPad users who can easily track of the time throughout the world.

Klok, the Singapore based app is a free completely works on smartphones. The app allows any iOS user to add maximum of five specially designed international city clocks available on the drop down menu, presenting a long-established and digital clocks.

Once you picked up Klok app to download on your smartphone, and find the place to add into the widget. Once you are done perfectly, open your Klok app from there you can add new cities or remove the previous one. The arrangement is completed, those clocks are listed and used to swipe down from the top app screen. And there you can find time and comparison of time zones between the hour.

The best practice when you fix meeting that you have scheduled in various time zones and it will calculate faster to know into the local hour. One point, the app clocks come in different colored shape black and white tiles. The app takes up your phone’s home screen space. That’s it.

Source: Klok for iOS 

Via: techcrunch

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