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Black Menu Extension Finds You the Most Used and Accessible Google Services

If you want to search the web then Google’s search engine will support to get a faster result, and I also depend on that. Now, you want to know how to access the most of Google services, there was a black navigation bar which you will not see on the top of Google site. So, you start thing about how to bring those black navigation bar on the sites and find the way to access Google services.

Black Menu is a Chrome Extension, to get this extension from Chrome Web Store, so you can find and access you every time uses Google Services. So the extension can explore some of the good features and you can bring that customization with your requirements.

Once you installed the Black Menu, the extension asks you to make sign-in Google accounts and starts automatically sync everything. Every service that you pick from the extension you need to get permission and to keep alive. So you will get everything very simple from Google Services on the top menu. Nevertheless, each and every service that you can see a widget style programs. You can stay with widget a few of Google Services. You can use YouTube, email, Gmail and Google Translate all covered in widgets.

If you want to create a list of Google Service, you can bring from More menu from the extension, otherwise, you can keep those services to return to More menu with simply using drag and drop functionality.

Once useful service on this Black Menu extension, that you can sign-in multiple accounts. Click the profile picture icon and click the Add Account. Through this, you can support Gmail and other Google services. You can set particular widget in a new panel and it seems a standalone program. And also you want to open in new tab, all you have to do select the icon and give a right click on the extension icon and it will take you to Open in New tab.

On this Black Menu settings, you can bring customization for every service. And also, you can select a specific widget inside the extension within a click. That’s it.

Source: Black Menu for Chrome Extension   Via: Guiding Tech 

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