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Notable PDF Is a PDF Viewer, Annotate Tool Works Offline and Online on Chrome Extension
Are you really bit confused about PDF viewers to choose which is the best one on Chrome extension, there you can see a lot of PDF tools that gives user enough credit. Sometimes you can’t look forward a good replacement. Currently If you speak about online PDF viewer that was well established along with tools that you can use and meet some successful requirement of your PDF files. Our recent visit for PDF viewer any work can be done that you can save into the cloud storage Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. As a good indication all kinds of features now you can find on Notable PDF was well equipped and also it comes to chrome extension.

Notable PDF is a Chrome extension and connected into cloud based as a PDF role that any user can view without hassle using view, annotate, highlight the text, and share PDF files with anyone. And also it comes to as a friendly assignment along with it can allow you to save the trust of PDF documents directly on cloud storage on your own account. Right from here the extension highlights any PDF files having support and save it goes into the cloud storage community. And also you can work with web applications.

How the Notable PDF extension works?

If you are going to use Notable PDF, the developer established his service in two formats – use your chrome extension and another one access to your web tool. All the feature and enhancement are coming to free on your Chrome extension.

Search Notable PDF on your Chrome web store, and start install your extension in your browser and it will appear as a small icon on the top browser right side in the omnibar. After that, move the cursor to click the icon to activate the extension for advance PDF viewer. For advance feature you need to sign in with your Google account or cloud storage Box account. Once you sign in to the account the extension shows clean and full sheet design.

Once you open the extension, you can start uploading or drag the PDF files or docs, you can use your computer hard drive or use cloud storage Google Drive, Dropbox and Box from those you can choose anyone of them. Once you have done the uploading process the PDF viewer, it reaches the particular viewing features. Somewhat other PDF viewers can do, this extension allows you zoom in and out the PDF files in the setting area.

Once your PDF files were listed in the center stage of extension, you will meet some advance tools to view, edits and share easily to anyone. In addition, there are a few tools that on the top right side section on your PDF viewer section the tools which is floating for you. If you pick each and every tool has a peculiar task. In the PDF section you can highlight any text using with extension. And also you can add some interesting comments with annotate tool to the PDF.

Once you finish the project, before you are going to present the PDF files you can offer preview edit section. Additionally, it has a feature that you can download the edit files or save into the cloud storage account and finally you can print the PDF files from your desktop computer.

Notable PDF is a simple cloud- based PDF viewer having advance tools and settings. Whoever is playing around with Chrome extension really it comes very useful to all in one browser extension. As per PDF tool you can view faster and control all of your documents, and more on the workplace or home. This notable feature really its a worthable checkout.

Source: Notable PDF for Chrome Extension, NotablePDF 

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