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An Easy Way You Can Disable Siri From Your macOS

Siri is a voice assistant feature first the release came down on iOS, the feature it comes to macOS sierra, but you may know or not, there are few user they don’t want to continue Siri on their Mac device, if you are the one you can turn off from the your Mac device. If you are using Siri computer or iPhone both it can turn off the feature instead you do with Mac desktop computers. If you want to disconnect Siri in Mac, which brings complete turn off the voice recognition service and also you don’t the Siri icon on your Mac menu bar or the latest MacBook touch bar if it’s applicable.

To disable Siri on your Mac it comes much easier through from the settings.

1. Go ahead to Mac Menu and select ”System Preferences

2. Click ”Siri” from control panel

3. Make uncheck the box ”Enable Siri’

4. Once you complete the adjustment close the System Preferences.

And now you can see the Siri disabled and watch out from menu bar the Siri icon removed from the Mac. And you don’t find from the Dock icon.

In case, if you want to enable the feature, the same way you have to move to enable the section. Once thing that you need to understand that you will miss out many important features that you don’t get after you disable Siri. That’s it.

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