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Any video file type downloaded or created, you can play easily with VLC on your Android device. It can act automatically to play the video on your mobile device. This app right brings you version 2.5 with plenty of options. The first gets over and over about one year. The app brings huge tweaks in inner design with Material Design, new audio play with blurred image, and more.

With VLC, you can find the video detail with thumbnail, and this thumbnails brings on any screen at once. And also the feature turns into a multiple section and set the playlist in line. If your Android phone prepared with Oreo then Picture-in-picture mode connected, and Android TV devices starts both on Nougat and Oreo.

Now, Android TV come out more Facilties with bright colors on their layout, and video details when you scroll down, which it comes very simple for lengthy file names. Your VLC has 2.5, you can play music with a support of Google Assistant.

Once you get update VLC 2.5, you might see a lot of update features, one of them you may go through to search the media into two different way global and voice search. And you can find in this update some miscellaneous items which are they DayNight mode, Audio boost, Skip songs with double or long lick has restored and more.

That’s it.

Source: VLC for Android

Via: Android Police, geoffreymetais

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